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Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody, The Greatest Maou is Reborned to Get Friends, 史上最強の大魔王、村人Aに転生する
Status: Completed Studio: , Released: Apr 6, 2022 Duration: 23 min Season: Type: TV Episodes: 12 Director:

As the most powerful entity of all time, the Demon Lord Varvatos thinks life is a big fat snore. When he takes matters into his own hands and decides to reincarnate, he calibrates his magical strength to be perfectly average. But there is no way he could have predicted that everyone in the modern world would be weak as hell, which means he is totally overpowered once again! Reborn under the name Ard, he has ladies fawning over him, the royal family begging him to become the next king, and an ex-minion insisting on killing him?! But Ard has a one-track mind, and he won't stop at anything to achieve his ultimate goal!